Bio Threats Panel Discussion

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Bio Threats Panel Discussion

Speakers: Ackerman, G. (University of Maryland START); Earnhardt, R. (University of Maryland START); Gronvall, G. (Center for Health Security at Johns Hopkins University); Casagrande, R. (Gryphon Scientific)

Date: 23 February 2018

Speaker Session Preview

This speaker session covered the environment in which non-state actor adversaries are currently operating and how that impacts their ability to access and adopt bio weapons and related tactics. Rocco Casagrande discussed the trends in the democratization of biotechnologies. Gary Ackerman discussed the changes in the adversaries themselves pulling from research he and his team have conducted relating to this topic. Rebecca Earnhardt talked about how this all intersects with cybercrime and cyber activity and that that in itself impacts the ‘environment’ for adversaries. Gigi Gronvall provided a perspective on the implications of the political and policy environment as it relates to adversary behavior in this area.

Speaker Session Audio File

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