Radical Leveling and Emerging Technologies as Tools of Non-Kinetic Mass Disruption

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“Radical Leveling and Emerging Technologies as Tools of Non-Kinetic Mass Disruption”

Authors | Editor: Giordano, J. (Georgetown University Medical Center); DeFranco, J. (George Mason University); Bremseth, L. R. (Retired); Canna, S. (NSI, Inc.)

Executive Summary

America’s wars and longstanding military doctrine, established by the Department of Defense (DoD), emphasize kinetic warfare. Principles of kinetic warfare, however, do not necessarily or appropriately apply when addressing, mitigating, or preventing non-kinetic threats (i.e., “left of bang” engagements). As well, existing and emerging developments in science and technology are being used to leverage power in non-kinetic engagements. Such radical leveling technologies (RLTs) and emerging technologies (ETs) are being used as “weapons of mass disruption” (versus destruction in the classical sense) to incur rippling effects in and across targeted individuals, societies, and nations. Strategic competitors and adversaries are increasingly integrating and employing RLTs and ETs for synergized attacks against the United States and its allies. This paper will describe and define the viability and value of non-kinetic engagements that are synergized by the use(s) of RLTs and ETs, and will propose a paradigmatic whole-of-nation approach to assessing, quantifying, mitigating, preventing, and developing/using offensive capabilities to thwart competitors’ and adversaries’ progress in RLT and ETT development and use.

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