ViTTa Analysis of Eurasia in the Next 5-25 Years

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Research to Identify Drivers of Conflict and Convergence in Eurasia in the Next 5-25 Years: Virtual Think Tank (ViTTa) Summary Report. Author | Editor: Canna, S., Bragg, B., Desjardins, A., Popp, G. & Yager, M. (NSI, Inc). From July through November 2015, NSI employed its Virtual Think Tank (ViTTa) methodology to systematically interview 26 subject […]

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Regional Stability Impacted by Global Crises

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Perspectives on Political and Social Regional Stability Impacted by Global Crises – A Social Science Context. Author | Editor: Cabayan, H. (Joint Staff), Sotirin, B. et al. (USACE-HQ, CERD). Cooperative security, stability operations and irregular warfare missions require a better understanding of the complex operational environment, notably through rich contextual understanding of the factors affecting […]

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Subjective Decision Analysis: Egypt, Iran, Iraq, …

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Subjective Decision Analysis Final Report: Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Saudi Arabia & Syria. Author | Editor: Astorino-Courtois, A., Canna, S., Chapman, A., Hartman, A. & Pagano, S. (NSI, Inc). The SMA Strategic Deterrence effort is a methodological study to evaluate the appropriateness and utility of modeling and wargaming to support the analytic requirements of the […]

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Collaboration in National Security: Myths and Reality

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Collaboration in the National Security Arena: Myths and Reality – What Science and Experience Can Contribute to its Success. Author | Editor: O’Connor, J. (DHS), Bienenstock, E., et al. (NSI, Inc). The purpose of this compendium of white papers is to explore various perspectives on the state of the art in our understanding of collaboration, […]

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