What Is It?

The application of statistical and multifaceted analytic techniques to business problems to extract more value from customer, operational, social media, sales, and other data, and turn findings into effective actions and strategies to improve business success.

How Can Business Analytics Help You?

Provide critical insights into key business objectives and the impact of business decisions regarding product positioning and pricing, brand loyalty, market segments, customer sentiment, and consumer demand for a brand’s products and services.


Describe What’s Happening

Discover and discern the current social psychology and sentiment of customer behavior using various statistical and data science methods to detect and explain patterns in large heterogeneous data.


Describe Why It’s Happening

Determine what drives customer behavior, identify variable relationships, curve shape, lead/lag indicators and effects, analyze residuals, look for patterns, add in multipliers based on various effects.


Predict What Will Happen Next

Apply predictive and statistical models to estimate and forecast customer behavior, better understand markets, and inform decision-making to assess the effectiveness of a variety of actions to be taken.


Change The Overall Trajectory

Identify effective and winning strategies for increased success by enabling smarter, more thoughtful, and profit-driven business decisions through applied data science and predictive analytic methods.

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