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NSI Organization

NSI has been “virtually” organized since its founding in 2007. Working with the mindset that the best people are not necessarily co-located or live in the same part of the country, NSI embodies a “virtual” organizational construct with our employees working both out of home offices from across the country as well as co-located with their clients working out of their spaces. We currently have employees in nine states: MA, VA, PA, WA, TX, CA, IN, IL, CO, and in Washington DC.

There are numerous benefits to this, including: it empowers our employees to effectively manage and balance their professional and personal lives; it enables the company to recruit and employ a diverse and top-caliber team independent of their physical location; and it enables the employees and the company to be highly flexible, adaptive, and responsive to our clients.


  • Time Off: 2-4 weeks vacation; 12 PTOs; 10 “floating” holidays
  • Health Insurance: employer-subsidized medical and dental
  • Disability Insurance: fully subsidized short-/long-term plan
  • FSA: tax-free flexible spending account for health costs
  • Life Insurance: fully subsidized MetLife life insurance
  • Bonuses: eligible for end-of-year performance bonuses
  • Retirement: 401(k), 4% company match, 100% vesting
  • Professional Development: paid education opportunities
  • Others: a host of other benefits from our HR provider

Employment Opportunities

We are always looking to expand our team and network of consultants. If you wish to explore employment opportunities submit your cover letter and resume to:


Intellectual Honesty, Integrity, Rigor

At NSI we are extremely proud of our reputation for intellectual honesty, integrity, and rigorous analyses. We promote these attributes in everything we do, and look for team members who value the opportunity to do academic-quality research in a challenging applied setting. We are dedicated to excellence and value our honest broker, thinking partner relationship that we have with our clients, often referred to as their “brain trust.”

Empowerment and Opportunity

One of our highest priorities is to foster an environment in which employees at all levels can grow and excel personally and professionally. All of our team members contribute to the project planning process and the work that we do. We seek out opportunities for each team member, and encourage and support them to take on decision-making responsibility to gain project or task-level management experience.

Collegiality and Compassion

We encourage all NSI employees to maintain a healthy work-life balance. Our “work hard, play hard” corporate culture is the source of the work-day flexibility employees enjoy. We promote cooperation and teamwork, and firmly believe that the contributions of each member of the team is equal to those of every other, and that colleagues who are supported and respected are primed to work at the highest standards.

Inclusive, Trust-based Management

As a company based on geographically dispersed project teams, we recognize the importance of mutual trust and respect among project team members and managers. We work hard to create and sustain a flat workplace environment where employees feel they are respected by their colleagues at all levels as self-motivated professionals, that they are valued, and that their input is always well-received.



NSI is a flat organization and promotes and fosters an environment of openness, cooperation, and collegiality. We welcome, value, and respect inputs and insights from everyone. We continuously learn from one another in order to reach the highest standards and excellence.



NSI has been virtually organized from its founding. It is one of our greatest perks because it allows employees to balance their professional and personal lives. It also allows the company to recruit top-caliber employees from across the country independent of their geographic location.



If you want to support clients in the government or commercial markets, work on critically important real-world problems in national security or business intelligence, and be empowered with the freedom and trust to solve them, then we want to work with you. Call us to discuss employment opportunities.


Employment Opportunities

We are always looking to expand our team and network of consultants. If you wish to explore employment opportunities submit your cover letter and resume to: