What Is It?

The application of linguistic and thematic analysis techniques and text analytic software to capture structure, patterns, rhetoric, and culturally relevant themes in large, unstructured data sets of discourse.

How Can Discourse Analysis Help You?

Creates insights into the underlying attitudes, biases, behavioral intentions, sentiment, and cultural assumptions in leadership speeches, population chatter, customer feedback, social media commentary, and other forms of digitized communications.


Create Corpus

Gather data for a specific research topic and/or problem using news articles, speeches, blog entries, customer feedback, social media commentary, and any other relevant recorded discourse.


Gain Cultural Insights

Use ethnographic methods, focus groups, and prior research to gain insight into people who share a common interest, history, culture, values, norms, perspectives, and overall set of experiences.


Code Corpus

Isolate the various themes specific to a group in relation to a specific issue by recording and associating the actual language used to express the themes and eliminating or resolving any discrepancies.


Create Theme Hierarchy

Organize identified themes into higher level categories by generating a taxonomy of themes, and capture them in a structured database to process using text analytic software for analysis.

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