At NSI, you will have an opportunity to work on critical real-world problems in the national security and/or business intelligence realms, and the freedom to solve them. If you are interested in that kind of work, then we want to hear from you.

The Hiring Process

NSI uses a very simple and straightforward hiring process to screen candidates for possible employment with the company. We describe the primary steps here in order to familiarize prospective candidates with the process.

Submit Required Documentation

To be considered for employment at NSI the candidate must submit a resume; a cover letter expressing the candidate’s personal interest in NSI is recommended but not required. It is preferred the candidate be a US citizen but is not required, although there may be some work-related restrictions for non U.S. citizens. Submit resumes to:

Preparing for the Interview

During the interview, we ask questions about the candidate’s overall background and experiences, research and analytical accomplishments, industry and domain knowledge, technical skill set, and business development and management experiences. Because we require every employee at NSI to be able to think critically and write effectively, an important aspect of the interview will be to discern the candidates abilities in these areas. This may include the candidate submitting one or more writing samples.

The Telephone Interviews

The interview process consists of three to five telephone interviews. These calls are done by NSI staff at all levels, and typically last between 45 minutes to one hour. The general focus is for the candidate to learn more about NSI, and vice versa. We also try to determine whether or not there is a good "fit" between the candidate and NSI. We leave ample time to address any questions the candidate may have.

After the Interview

After the telephone interviews are completed, we get back in touch with the candidate relatively quickly—a few days to a week. At this point the company has deliberated internally and made a decision as to whether or not it wants to move forward and extend an offer to the candidate. If an offer is being extended, then NSI’s Vice President of Operations will contact the candidate to negotiate terms of employment.

Negotiate Terms of Employment

The general terms of employment to negotiate are: position title; employment start date; compensation (i.e., salary and bonus); and vacation time off. All other benefits are standard across the company.