PAKAF Rich Contextual Understanding of COIN

January 2010 No Comments

SMA PAKAF Rich Contextual Understanding (RCU) Project: Information and Analyses in Support of COIN Operations Executive Summary. Author | Editor: Canna, S. (NSI, Inc). The Strategic Multilayer Assessment (SMA) program provides planning support to COCOMs and warfighters. The program coordinates with the Office of the Secretary of Defense, the Joint Staff, and STRATCOM to support […]

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Afghanistan Helmand Province Deep Dive

December 2009 No Comments

Rich Contextual Understanding of Pakistan and Afghanistan: Helmand Deep Dive. Author | Editor: Astorino-Courtois, A., Canna, S., et al. (NSI, Inc). The objective of Helmand Deep Dive Development and Governance Workshop was to examine academic works and newly generated data and models and to develop guidelines and recommendations for low-cost development project implementation. The Helmand […]

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Subjective Decision Analysis: Egypt, Iran, Iraq, …

October 2009 No Comments

Subjective Decision Analysis Final Report: Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Russia, Saudi Arabia & Syria. Author | Editor: Astorino-Courtois, A., Canna, S., Chapman, A., Hartman, A. & Pagano, S. (NSI, Inc). The SMA Strategic Deterrence effort is a methodological study to evaluate the appropriateness and utility of modeling and wargaming to support the analytic requirements of the […]

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Collaboration in National Security: Myths and Reality

June 2009 No Comments

Collaboration in the National Security Arena: Myths and Reality – What Science and Experience Can Contribute to its Success. Author | Editor: O’Connor, J. (DHS), Bienenstock, E., et al. (NSI, Inc). The purpose of this compendium of white papers is to explore various perspectives on the state of the art in our understanding of collaboration, […]

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Anticipating Rare Events of Terrorism and WMD

November 2008 No Comments

Anticipating Rare Events: Can Acts of Terror, Use of Weapons of Mass Destruction or Other High Profile Acts Be Anticipated? A Scientific Perspective on Problems, Pitfalls and Prospective Solutions. Author | Editor: Chesser, N. (DTI). This white paper covers topics related to the field of anticipating/forecasting specific categories of “rare events” such as acts of […]

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The New Horizons in Bioterrorism Workshop

September 2008 No Comments

New Horizons in Bioterrorism. Author | Editor: Canna, S. (NSI, Inc) & Ackerman, G. (University of Maryland, START). The objective of the New Horizons in Bioterrorism workshop, held on 11-12 August 2008 in Arlington, Virginia, was to explore existing and future developments in bioterrorism through the elicitation and generation of adversary courses of action (ACOAs) […]

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Information Challenges in Federated Analysis

August 2008 No Comments

Overcoming Information Challenge in Federated Analysis: From Concepts to Practice. Author | Editor: Canna, S. (NSI, Inc). The Overcoming Information Challenge in Federated Analysis: from Concepts to Practice workshop, held on 27-28 August 2008, was convened in response to requests from US Special Operations Command and US Strategic Command, Lieutenant General Carter F. Ham, Director […]

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Unconventional Challenges in the Human Domain

April 2008 No Comments

The Human Domain: The Unconventional Collection and Analysis Challenge Workshop. Author | Editor: Canna, S. & Popp, R. (NSI, Inc). One of the major challenges the US has faced during the opening decades of the 21st Century is the growth in the number and international reach of insurgents, terrorists, WMD proliferators and other sorts of […]

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Social Science Modeling and Visualization

February 2008 No Comments

Social Science Modeling and Information Visualization Workshop. Author | Editor: Canna, S. & Popp, R. (NSI, Inc). The Social Science Modeling and Information Visualization Workshop provided a unique forum for bringing together leading social scientists, researchers, modelers, and government stakeholders in one room to discuss the state-of-the-art and the future of quantitative/computational social science (Q/CSS) […]

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Deterrence in the 21st Century: Volume III

October 2007 No Comments

Deterrence in the 21st Century: An Effects-Based Approach in an Interconnected World Volume III. Author | Editor: Chesser, N. (DTI). Supporting material for Volume II — Deterrence Typology, which was created to assist in the development of deterrence options and plans for State and Non-State Actors.   Download Publication

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