What Is It?

An expansive and established virtual network of trusted subject matter experts, unconventional thinkers, brightest minds, foreign voices, and varied perspectives to craft timely and cost effective analyses to critical and complex problems.

How Can Virtual Think Tank (ViTTa) Help You?

Provides highly customizable and compelling analyses, reports, and briefings that consider varied perspectives across disciplines, challenges assumptions, provides actionable insights, and highlights areas of convergence and divergence.


Data Collection

Establish the core question, design the survey or questionnaire, stand up the SME network, conduct in-person or phone interviews, and create audio recordings and transcripts of all interviews.


Data Processing

Categorize the initial findings, identify areas of convergence and divergence, develop hypotheses, summarize key findings, and create a conceptual model or framework to convey the findings.



Highlight and assess the key findings, schools of thought, areas of agreement and disagreement among SMEs, critical insights, unique and conflicting perspectives, and significant knowledge gaps.


Report Writing

Prepare final reports and briefings comprised of summary findings, quick looks, deep dives, SME elicitations, conceptual models or frameworks, client briefs, and workshop proceedings.

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To learn more about how ViTTa is used in our client solutions, visit: ViTTa Applications

To access the ViTTa tool, visit: ViTTa Tool

ViTTa Videos

Physical Defeat of ISIS Video: Will physical defeat of ISIS fully eliminate the threat it poses? Highlighting some of the work NSI has conducted as part of a Strategic Multilayer Assessment (SMA) team Reach Back Cell in support of USCENTCOM, this video discusses the future of ISIS.

Defining The Gray Zone Video: The gray zone is a conceptual space between peace and war, where activities are typically ambiguous or cloud attribution and exceed the threshold of ordinary competition, yet intentionally fall below the level of large-scale direct military conflict. This video highlights work that NSI did in collaboration with the Strategic Multilayer Assessment (SMA) office and the US Department of Defense to 1) define the gray zone and 2) validate the gray zone definition using NSI’s Virtual Think Tank (ViTTa) methodology. For access to the full ViTTa analysis on the characterization and conditions of the gray zone, please visit: ViTTa Assessment and Analysis of the Gray Zone

EUCOM Video: This video highlights work NSI did in collaboration with the Strategic Multilayer Assessment (SMA) office and the US Department of Defense to apply NSI’s Virtual Think Tank (ViTTa) methodology to examine potential drivers of conflict and convergence in Eurasia over the next 5-25 years. For access to the full ViTTa analysis, please visit: ViTTa Analysis of Eurasia in the Next 5-25 Years