China’s Vision of Victory: Chinese Global Strategy and What It Means for America

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“China’s Vision of Victory: China’s Strategic Ambitions to Displace the US

Speaker: Ward, J. (Atlas Organization)

Date: 30 May 2019

Speaker Session Preview

SMA hosted speaker session presented by Dr. Jonathan Ward (Atlas Organization) as a part of its Future of Global Competition & Conflict series. In this talk, Dr. Ward discussed Chinese long-term strategy. For China, the South China Sea is only the beginning. China has three main strategies to reach its 2021 goal of being a dominant regional power and to be established as a dominating global superpower by 2049: 1) The “Belt and Road Initiative”; 2) military modernization; and 3) “Made in China 2025.” China is investing in longer-range power projection capabilities to “safeguard the security of China’s overseas interests.” In addition to its economic strategy, China increasingly is building its military edge directing its sense of nationalism against the United States. “Civil military fusion” envisions the militarization of the Chinese economy—harnessing the power of innovation in the private economy for military competition with the US and other major powers. Made in China 2025 identifies ten industries which Beijing intends to master, many of which have military-industrial applications. This three step plan, with milestones set from 2020 through 2049, include China’s increased manufacturing power, technological development, and leading innovation, culminating in China being the preeminent manufacturing and industrial power through mastery of advanced industries.   

Speaker Session Audio File

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