Evolving Human and Machine Interdependence in Conflict

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Evolving Human and Machine Interdependence in Conflict

Speakers: Burnett, R.E. (National Defense University)

Date: 6 March 2018

Speaker Session Preview

Abstract: Emerging science and technology will continue to disrupt customary characteristics of political and kinetic conflicts among states and non-state actors. The increasing complex interdependence between humans and machines is one area for particular examination. We cannot reliably predict whether or not human roles will rapidly give way to a more dominant robotic style of war, so we must prepare for a variety of futures, per the Scharre/Horowitz typologies. Humans involved with machines that operate at vastly greater speeds and volumes of data will further create problems of cognitive demand for the human soldier that need to be examined. We must investigate this not only in terms of technical performance, but also from a more holistic perspective, to include the social, political, and psychological dimensions of the soldier and of the citizen. We examine some of those questions in this preliminary investigation.

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