Info OPs Countermeasures to Anti-Area/Access Denial

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Information Operations Countermeasures to Anti-Area/Access Denial (A2/AD).

Speaker: Wieck, B. MAJ (Army).

Date: July 2016.

MAJ Wieck attended the Georgetown School of Foreign Service, earned a Master’s Degree in Education at George Fox University, and is currently assigned to the 152nd Theater Information Operations Group in Camp Parks, CA. During his 20+ years of military service he has served in Infantry, Civil Affairs, Psychological Operations, and Information Operations positions, deploying overseas three times and “deploying” once for two years to USCENTCOM in sunny Tampa, Florida. He is responsible for analyzing the psychological, cultural, behavioral, and other human attributes that influence decision-making, the flow of information, and the interpretation of information by individuals and groups at any level in any state or organization.


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