Irregular Deterrence: How Irregular Activity Contributes to Integrated Deterrence

March 2024 No Comments

Authors: Derek Jones (Valens Global), Madison Urban (Valens Global), & Dr. Kevin D. Stringer (General Jonas Zemaitis Military Academy of Lithuania)

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At the core of the United States 2022 National Defense Strategy is the concept of integrated deterrence, using the full range of tools of statecraft to convince a potential adversary that an undesired action is not worth the cost. As technologies progressed after World War II, scholars and practitioners developed theories of deterrence centered around the destructive power of nuclear weapons and overwhelming conventional force. However, a new model of deterrence, one centered around irregular capabilities, ought to be further explored. This article outlines current major deterrence theories and strategies and proposes a conceptualization of irregular deterrence across the cooperation, competition, and conflict spectrum.

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