List of Upcoming SMA Speaker Sessions

March 2023 No Comments

(Updated 24 July 2024)

For general speaker series inquiries and information on how to join an event, please contact Mariah Yager (

Thursday 25 July 1000 EDT

Tuesday 30 July 1400 EDT

  • Speaker: Brandon Williams (LLNL)
  • Topic: The Next Quantum Superpower? US-China Quantum Competition and the New Global Quantum Scramble 
  • Speaker Series: SMA General

Wednesday 31 July 1100 EDT

  • Speaker: Patrick Alley, Jack Gaines
  • Topic: Book Talk (TBD)
  • Speaker Series: (SMA General)

Wednesday 7 August 1100 EDT

  • Speaker: Justin Sherman (Global Cyber Strategies)
  • Topic: Russian cyber strategy and Russia’s domestic hacker landscape
  • Speaker Series: EUCOM

Wednesday 14 August 1000 EDT

  • Speakers: Dr. Charles K.S. Wu, Fang-Yu Chen, and Yao-Yuan Yeh (University of Southern Alabama)
  • Topic: Public Support for Self-Defence in Taiwan: The Current State of Research
  • Speaker Series: INDOPACOM

Wednesday 21 August 1200 EDT

  • Speaker: Madeline Romm (START)
  • Topic: START report on climate change and terrorism
  • Speaker Series: Climate Effects

Thursday 22 August Time TBD

  • Speaker: Jack Gaines, David Luna (ICAIE)
  • Topic: Getting Ahead of the Game in a new Multi-Polar Worldacross Today’s Spectrum of Threats, Converging Ecosystems of Criminality, and Hybrid (Irregular) Warfare
  • Speaker Series: SMA General

Tuesday 10 September 1300 EDT

  • Speaker: Mr. Stephen Ezell (ITIF)
  • Topic: How Innovative is China in Nuclear Power?
  • Speaker Series: INDOPACOM


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