Discussion with NPS Experts – Jan 2017

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SMA Reachback Panel Discussion with Experts from Naval Postgraduate School – Jan 2017.

Author | Editor: Peterson, N. (NSI, Inc).

Speakers were John Arquilla, Ryan Gingeras, Glenn Robinson, and Hy Rothstein of the Naval Postgraduate School.

Glenn Robinson:

Let me go over the agenda very briefly. As I mentioned yesterday Doc, unfortunately Craig Whiteside has come down with a very nasty stomach virus so unfortunately will not be joining us today.

We’ll start with Ryan Gingeras, who is a Turkey expert at the Naval Postgraduate School, and then I will follow Ryan. Then let’s have a discussion at that point, some Q&A.

At which point John Arquilla and Hy Rothstein will be able to join us, and they will each speak, John on strategic narrative, development, and information operations more generally and Hy Rothstein on some of the lessons learned in Iraq when it comes to influence operations.

After those two sets of comments, we can again open up discussion and Q&A. Does that sound reasonable to everyone?

Doc Cabayan:

Sounds good. Adam, okay with you?

Adam Gable

No. Hey Doc, sorry, pressed the wrong button. That sounds good, Doc.


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