SMA Space Panel- UK Perspectives

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SMA Space Panel- UK Perspectives

Speakers: Bowen, B. (University of Leicester); Hilborne, M. (King’s College, London); Wright, N. (Intelligent Biology; Georgetown University)

Date: 17 May 2018

Speaker Session Preview

SMA hosted a panel discussion as a part of its SMA Space Speaker Series. The panelists for this session included Dr. Bleddyn Bowen (University of Leicester), Dr. Mark Hilborne (King’s College London), and moderator Dr. Nicholas Wright (Intelligent Biology; Georgetown University). Dr. Bowen first provided an overview of UK government and commercial space capabilities. He then explained the ways in which UK space doctrine is similar to that of the US and discussed how the UK has somewhat limited capabilities in space and is highly reliant on the US. Dr. Hilborne spoke about how UK doctrine on counter-space capabilities is very limited and how the Ministry of Defence (MOD) is hesitant to talk about space conflict and escalation management. The two panelists also offered their insights on how the UK would react to an American hostile action in space, and how the UK views kinetic and non-kinetic actions in space.

Speaker Session Audio File

Download event booklet and one-page summary of Dr. Bowen’s recent work



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