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Speakers: Mr. Bas Wouters (Cialdini Institute)

Date: 6 February 2024

Speaker Session Summary

During his presentation, Mr. Wouters delved into the original model developed by the Cialdini Institute, alongside two recently-devised tools tailored for assessing a target audience’s interests and executing an influence campaign. He underscored the foundational work outlined in Dr. Cialdini’s seminal book, The Psychology of Persuasion, shedding light on the early research endeavors of Dr. Cialdini. In particular, Mr. Wouters described the seven universal principles of persuasion, identifying what distinguishes some individuals as more persuasive than others. He emphasized the significance of comprehending the scientific underpinnings of persuasion, asserting that individuals well-versed in the science behind persuasion wield greater influence compared to those who rely solely on natural charisma. Among the seven universal principles delineated were “scarcity,” hailed as the most potent external driver of persuasion, and “consistency,” recognized as the most formidable internal driver. 

In addition to expounding upon Dr. Cialdini’s framework, Mr. Wouters delved into Neidert’s Core Motives Model, explaining its intricacies and its synergy with the seven universal principles of persuasion. The presentation also encompassed strategies for optimizing brainstorming sessions, underscoring how these principles influence the effectiveness of the Neidert’s Core Motives Model in various scenarios. 

Speaker Session Recording

Briefing Materials

Bas Wouters is Co-founder and CEO of the Cialdini Institute. He is the author of Online Influence, combining Dr. Cialdini’s work with insights from other behavioral experts, creating a highly practical framework to boost online results. After establishing the Online Influence Institute, companies like Disney, Allianz, and Booking.com called upon Wouters’ expertise. In addition to his CEO role at the Cialdini Institute, Mr. Wouters continues to train and coach professionals worldwide.

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