A New Asian Order is Emerging

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Speaker: Mr. Mohammed Soliman (Middle East Institute)

Date: 26 July 2023

Speaker Session Summary

India’s expanding political influence is altering the current geopolitical order in Asia, with India positioned at its center. India’s growing role in geopolitics will over time take away some of the geopolitical focus on the Asia-Pacific region and place it on the Indo-Pacific region. Mr. Soliman emphasized that India’s geographical position at the center of the economic corridor running between China and the Middle East, give it a political and economic advantage. India’s massive population gives it massive economic and industrial potential on its own. India is also in a unique position to build political ties throughout the Indo-Pacific region with its historic and cultural ties throughout the Asia-Pacific and Middle East regions. To further its geopolitical influence in the Indo-Pacific, India is not only relying on its economic potential, but also signing military and security deals with other nations in the region. India is increasing its dialogue with several significant actors in the Middle East: Egypt, Israel, and Saudi Arabia. Finally, Mr. Soliman put forth that Shinzo Abe’s Indo-Pacific vision, an India-centric strategy with a focus on bilateral security dialogue with Australia and the US, is now coming true. 

Speaker Session Recording

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Briefing Materials

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Mohammed Soliman is the director of the Strategic Technologies and Cyber Security Program at the Middle East Institute, where he leads a global team of scholars to explore the policy challenges associated with the intersection of technology, geopolitics, and business in emerging markets. He is also a visiting fellow with the National Security Program at Third Way.   A native of Cairo, Mr. Soliman began his career as an engineer and worked as a consultant, providing strategic advisory services for local and international businesses. Mr. Soliman has additionally served as a country analyst for the Peace Tech Lab at the US Institute of Peace, as a Huffington Fellow at the Institute for the Study of Diplomacy, and as a Junior Centennial Fellow at Georgetown’s School of Foreign Service. Mr. Soliman earned his bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Egyptian Aviation Academy and graduated with a Master of Science in Foreign Service with distinction from Georgetown University.


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