Learn about the company, some of our key differentiators, and our world-class team of researchers and analysts


Our History

NSI is a certified Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) founded in 2007 headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Our focus has been to deliver innovative social science solutions to government clients for a variety of national security and operational imperatives. Our government clients want insights and a rich understanding of the overwhelming complexity of people and their behaviors for various critically important and complex decision-making problems.


In 2011, expanding and diversifying our client base was a top priority. Our strategy was to provide our analytic expertise to clients in the commercial sector needing to better understand customers and their behaviors. We focused on bringing greater discipline to measuring customer interactions, sentiment, and service. We successfully piloted a project with a major video game developer then and since have substantially grown this work.

Our Vision

Enable clients to make more informed and better decisions on complex decision-making problems through our multidisciplinary data-driven analytics.

Our Mission

Create value for our clients by improving their decision-making processes questioning assumptions, thinking deeply, and generating clarifying insights.

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Diverse Multidisciplinary Team

NSI is highly diverse and multidisciplinary. Our researchers and analysts have expertise in social psychology, statistics, research methods, economics, cultural anthropology, decision science, business management, predictive modeling, political science, international relations, communications, mathematics, computer science, and other disciplines.

Multiple Analytic Methods

Understanding people and their behaviors is inherently complex, ambiguous, and riddled with uncertainty. It is also not amenable to rigid analytical approaches based on a single methodology. NSI has significant expertise and many years of hands-on experience applying quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-method research and analytic methods.

Nationally Recognized Leaders

NSI’s leadership is comprised of nationally recognized experts with diverse backgrounds from premier government, industry, and academic institutions. They include current and former professors from top universities, former senior Defense Department and industry executives, and members/co-chairs of National Academy of Sciences studies.

Domain | Industry Experience

NSI has been supporting government clients for years in numerous problem domains spanning security, stability, deterrence, reconstruction, violent extremism, radicalization, and counterterrorism. In our commercial work we support clients from the gaming, digital entertainment, business intelligence, and customer service sectors.


Over the last decade, NSI has supported many government and commercial clients from defense, intelligence, gaming, digital entertainment, business intelligence, and customer service. We have provided solutions to a wide variety of critical analytical and decision-making problems. Our solutions have enabled our clients to better understand people and their behaviors such as at-risk populations, market segments, multiplayer engagement, brand loyalty, and customer satisfaction.